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Temporary Recruitment

Temporary staff are a very good idea for companies to consider because it only requires short notice to cover staff shortages or if you have a busy period and require more help. Also, there is no long-term commitments on either side apart from the duration of the assignment. Of course you will always have the option of taking a temporary worker on to your own organisation.

When we begin recruiting temporary staff for a company, there are a few factors that we always make sure that we know. We make sure that we understand the ethos of the company, the working conditions, the skill set requirements and the type of personality that company require. With new clients that we work with, if both agree to it, we enjoy visiting the work place so that we can see the environment for ourselves and meet the team – this always helps up when we are explaining to candidates. Also, collecting any brochures that companies may have is always beneficial too.

When we get a temporary vacancy in, if we haven’t got the suited candidate already, we always like to advertise it straight away so that we can provide the client with a worker as quickly as we can. We like to advertise for temporary roles on our social media pages, on our website and some job boards.

We like to interview each and every one of our candidates on a one-to-one basis for each role that we get in. We can assure that we do not scatter-gun CV’s to you. For all of our workers, we make sure they all have the eligibility to work in the UK and we scan all of the relevant documents. If the candidate’s skill set meets the requirements and they are the right person for the job, we give them a full briefing; explaining about the company and where it is situated, who to report to, Health and Safety advice and instruction and what the assignment consists of. Also presenting them with a full contract pack and assignment sheet. With every candidate, we emphasise how important their commitment is to the assignment set and to the company.

At Five Rivers Recruitment we also like to show our own commitment to the client. We like to ‘keep them in the loop’ from the minute that the client calls us letting us know their requirements, right to the very end of the assignment; we do this with regular emails and phone calls when necessary. Also, we undertake all trouble shooting when required.

We take responsibility for all National Insurance and Tax and we are responsible for our payroll, which is done weekly. We ask all candidates to get their timesheets into us by the following Monday morning and once payroll has been completed, we produce an invoice for you each week.

If you are seeking temporary workers and would like to have a chat with us, contact Phil and we will do our very best for you.

All key recruitment personnel at Five Rivers Recruitment firmly believe in a service-led approach to recruitment solutions. As a company we are corporate members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and adhere to the REC's Code of Conduct. In addition, all have qualified for Individual Membership of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) either by examination or experience. Members of the IRP must also adhere to rigorous professional standards and ethics which are outlined in the IRP's Code of Ethics.

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