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Trials And Tribulations Of First Time Employment

August 4 2017

We’ve seen a real increase over the last couple of weeks of young adults coming in to ask our advice on future careers and CV help. We are seeing a huge volume of candidates that don’t have a CV in place and this has prompted us to question if this is not being focused on in schools as it was certainly when I was in year 10 and 11.

We see teenagers receive a lot of flack generally in the employment industry, however I’ve watched as Kate and Kayleigh have spent time with several young individuals to help build their confidence and ultimately encourage them into jobs she felt has suited their personalities. We are over the moon to see some of our ‘youngsters’ (a lot younger than us anyway) flourishingly in the jobs we have placed them in with some outstanding feedback from their employers.

Several of our candidates have also used our colleague Roger’s CV service in which he provides professional advice to sell yourself in the best way possible regardless of experience to Future employers.

Here’s to more summer holiday success stories!


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